Project Engineer

It is the function of the Project Engineer to obtain bids, quantity take-off, evaluate, coordinate and distribute the information and authorizations needed to construct and bid the project to the quality specified. In the performance of this function, the Project Engineer is responsible to protect and promote the interest of Palace Construction in all matters and to take actions to satisfy these responsibilities.

These responsibilities include, but are not limited to, the following.

  1. To have complete knowledge of all general contract and subcontract documents, drawings, and specifications and take ownership in ensuring that the field staff is utilizing the latest information.
  2. To develop the standard of quality level presented by the project documentation.
  3. To have complete knowledge of the job and to see that all drawings and specifications properly relate to the projects.
  4. To establish procedures with Owner, Architect and Engineers for obtaining information, approvals, and processing of shop drawings.
  5. To distribute information required for construction.
  6. To assist in preparing studies, recommendations of materials and methods and relative cost estimates, as required during the development stages of a job.
  7. To prepare a detailed list of all items (Contract Item List) required by the construction of the project.
  8. To prepare and issue bid/purchase requisitions for subcontractors and vendors as required. To obtain adequate information by clearing questions for bidders, reviewing the bid analysis, and obtaining approvals of awards if required.
  9. To prepare, or arrange for, preparation and distribution of drawings, specific material lists, process schedules, etc. To work with the Project Manager and Superintendent, in establishing progress schedules such as information required date, bid period, shop drawings, and fabrication period.
  10. To schedule, expedite, examine, coordinate, and obtain approval of shop drawings, samples, material lists, etc. for materials and equipment furnished by Palace Construction and subcontractors.
  11. To ensure that materials and equipment are released for fabrication or manufacture in time to meet the requirements of the construction schedule, and to work with the Superintendent.
  12. Under the direction of the Project Manager, to call and conduct Job Meetings, and to prepare and distribute the Minutes. To include in the Minutes current information reflecting the status of material deliveries, as well as shop drawings and other information necessary to assure that all materials will be on site at the proper time.
  13. To prepare and distribute Minutes of Coordination Meetings, equipment lists, and other management tools.
  14. To receive and distribute information on changes in the work, to prepare an independent estimate for all parts of the work to obtain and check estimates on the changes from subcontractors, and as indicated by the Project Manager, issue general contract estimates where applicable, and obtain approval of the Architect and Owner.
  15. To report status of change estimates monthly.
  16. To assist in furthering Equal Employment Opportunity Programs.
  17. To obtain guarantees from subcontractors and establish effective dates and when required, obtain Architect’s and Owner’s acceptance of the work.
  18. Formulate and execute a project close-out plan to collaborate with Project Manager and Superintendent in the preparation of inter-company reports on special job problems and experiences.
  19. To assemble and prepare final records for the project and deliver to storage facility.
  20. To maintain good relations and communications with all involved in the project, including the public.


  • Formal construction, engineering or architectural training, and/or at least three years of building construction experience required.
  • General knowledge of construction cost, scheduling, estimating and purchasing techniques, as well as basic understanding of accounting procedures. Knowledge of various construction methods and materials, their characteristics, installation procedures and tolerances.
  • Demonstration management know-how, leadership and interpersonal skills.
  • Ability to communicate well, both verbally and in writing.
  • Must be driven and self-motivated and have excellent follow-up skills.


  • Palace is a Drug Free Workplace – Urine test required
  • Background check will be conducted
  • Positive attitude
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